[Zope] Zope installation woes

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Thu Jul 6 08:07:48 EDT 2006

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>I agree Sascha, I would prefer to much more grounded in the ways of the
> command line before attempting this stuff.  I'm trying to get this running
> as I was hoping that it wouldn't be too involved and would be able to get
> busy creating Plone sites.  I don't have the luxury of time to learn more
> about this in general beforehand and so made the decision to learn "on the
> job" as it were.  You may see this as foolish, and it probably is, but I
> entered into this hoping that I wouldn't have to get my hands too dirty. 
> I
> now find myself in uncharted territory, not wanting to turn back.
> So do you think I should throw in the towel now?

If you only have one server available and if it is a production server, then 
you need to think about the ramifications of crashing that server. 
'Production server' means different things to different organizations, and 
if no-one is going to be screaming at you if you kill the server then carry 

However, if your organization takes a dim view of production server 
downtime, then I would caution you against proceeding!

You don't need to be a linux expert to install zope, but you do need at 
least a rudimentary understanding of how linux works and how some basic 
commands work.  I would recommend spending some time reading the intro 
chapters of some linux documentation (you can find some at 
http://www.linux.org/docs/, and there is a good doc at: 
http://www.centos.org/docs/4/html/rhel-rg-en-4/) - it may seem like a waste 
of time, but it will save you time and aggravation in the future.

If you do not want to spend the time on linux/zope and you just want to 'get 
working', you could look at some of the zope hosting companies (they already 
have zope up and running, and they look after maintaining the 
'infrastructure', which lets you focus on your application).


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