[Zope] Zope installation woes

russ russ at russtik.co.uk
Thu Jul 6 11:18:03 EDT 2006

o.k. when running that I saw this:

unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     546729 15600/python

Does this mean it's running?

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if your zope instance does not show in the output from:

  netstat -ap | grep LISTEN

(issued as root)

then there's no sense in trying to figure out how to telnet to
localhost 8080 (or whatever port your zope is running on) as there's
nothing listening for the inbound connection. i.e., until your zope
instance is running correctly so shows up in the netstat output, trying
to connect inbound to it will fail and prove nothing. 

[there are a variety of things that can cause an inbound connection to
a service to fail. you need to take the debugging one step at a time,
starting with confirming that there's actually a service running.]

  - Rick

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> Date: Thursday, July 06, 2006 10:28:46 AM +0100
> From: russ <russ at russtik.co.uk>
> Subject: RE: [Zope] Zope installation woes
> What does it mean if this is listed under ps -eLf:
> zope     15601 15600 15601  0    1 Jul05 ?        00:00:05
> /usr/bin/python /usr/
> ...but isn't anywhere to be seen under netstat -p ?
> & how do I telnet to port 8080 *on* the same machine?
> Sorry :S
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> use the "ps" command to see that that process is still running. also
> use the "netstat" command (with the -p flag (as root)) to see/confirm
> what port zope is listening on.
> if it's running, on port 8080, then try to telnet to port 8080, both
> as "localhost 8080" and "hostname 8080" (both from the server
> itself).  if both of those work, then telnet to "hostname 8080" from
> a "remote" machine (e.g., the desktop machine you've been using your
> browser from). if the telnets from the server work, but the telnet
> from the "remote" host doesn't, then your issue is likely to be a
> firewall.
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>> Date: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 06:24:40 PM +0100
>> From: russ <russ at russtik.co.uk>
>> To: 'Jonathan' <dev101 at magma.ca>, zope at zope.org
>> Subject: RE: [Zope] Zope installation woes
>> Well I've tried to follow your steps with the exception of point 15
>> (mkzopeinstance.py doesn't reside in my python directory, it's in the
>> zope/bin folder).  At the last stage I hit enter and got:
>> bash-3.00$ ./zopectl start
>> . daemon process started, pid=15601
>> Aaaaand now what?  http://www.domain.tld:8080 still produces nothing.
>> :(

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