[Zope] Re: Using property() function in Zope 2.8

Rob Miller ra at burningman.com
Thu Jul 6 17:49:37 EDT 2006

On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 21:19:36 +0200, Max M wrote:

> I needed to dynamically generate local roles for an Archetypes based
> content object today.
> Different layers in my Plone stack breaks all rules and reads the
> __ac_local_roles__ variable directly, instead of calling get_local_roles()
> So to maximize the compatibility between Zopes zmi and Plones local roles
> management I wanted to make '__ac_local_roles__' a property with setters
> and getters.

it's not an answer to your original question (i have nothing to add to
what fred already replied) but TeamSpace solves this by using a
ComputedAttribute instead of a property for the dynamic local roles.  all
of the pertinent code is here, hope you find it useful:



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