[Zope] Override members values

Garito garito at sistes.net
Mon Jul 10 02:38:15 EDT 2006

Hi all!
I need to override the value of some members of my product

I think the correct way was __getattr__ function but I read some list's 
messages telling to use __getattr__ only if you don't have other way

How can I override only the value of some dynamic members?

I call dynamic members to the members that the user adds (with a 
property or an object)


Because I would like things like:

Object.member1 -> 1 (if you are a manager)
Object.member1 -> 2 (if you are a normal user)


Object.member1 -> 1 (for firefox users)
Object.member1 -> 2 (for ie users)

Where member1 is a property at property manager (for example)

Thank so much!

Mis Cosas

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