[Zope] Override members values

Garito garito at sistes.net
Tue Jul 11 10:48:28 EDT 2006

knitti escribió:
> On 7/10/06, Garito <garito at sistes.net> wrote:
>> knitti escribió:
>> There are any way to distinguish when the property is called by ZMI or
>> FTP or another "system" call (about Zope) from the property when is
>> called outside ZMI?
> not that I'm aware of.
>> Now I have a property like:
>> object.Property1 = '[/some/path]'
>> with the __getattribute__ override I can do
>> print object.Property1
>> and the result is ok (the result of /some/path) but now if I go to
>> property tab of the object I can't see ['/some/path'] or raise an error
>> telling Property1 is not a member
> because a property of a 'Zope object' (for the lack of better terms) is
> actually an entry in a PropertySheet instance. You _really_ want to
> use manage_addProperty() / manage_changeProperties() for those.
>> What I would like to create is an object that in the ZMI has some
>> property values but when this properties are called the returns the
>> execution of the path (like macro expansion or similar)
>> Is this possible to do?
> I don't understand this question
> --knitti
Sure. At the spanish list someone has a private (his costumer don't want 
to share it) PropertyManagerWithTALES

In this class the properties are TALES expressions

I need something like it

I put the TALES expression in the Property Sheet tab but the data 
retrieved is the execution of the TALES expression

Any idea?

Mis Cosas

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