[Zope] Making Zope Accessible From Internet

TR tmst at nethere.com
Tue Jul 11 22:09:01 EDT 2006

I have successfully gotten a Plone installation to serve requests on 
localhost. Next, I would like to have it serve remote requests.

I'm using a dialup account and therefore a dynamic IP. I have tried shutting 
down the firewall, manually entering the current IP of my machine in the YaST 
"Hosts" dialogue but Zope doesn't appear to get the requests.

From what I've managed to partially digest about networking, this could be 
missing configuration in the routing tables, DNS lookup, network interface, 
etc. Etc. Etc. I don't think it's actually something as simple as the 
zope.conf file, or even anything I can learn from studying Apache 
configuration. Does this seem accurate?


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