[Zope] Importing a site with missing products

Dale Strickland-Clark zope at d.strickers.org.uk
Thu Jul 13 04:48:14 EDT 2006

I need to duplicate (for testing) a site currently running on Windows on to 

This isn't a big deal. I've done the reverse direction without grief.

However, on this occasion, I want to change the database connector from MS SQL 
Server to (mxodbc) to PostgreSQL (zpsycopgda) . 

Having exported the live site, I am unable to import it again in the test 
environment because of the following errors:

WARNING ZODB Could not import class 'ZopeConnection' from module 

INFO Script (Python) Some of your Scripts have stale code cached.  Since Zope 
cannot use this code, startup will be        slightly slower until these 
Scripts are edited. You can automatically recompile all Scripts that have 
this problem by visiting /manage_addProduct/PythonScripts/recompile of your 
server in a browser.

Although the first error is only a warning it appears to be fatal and the 
import doesn't complete. 

I also tried following the advice on the INFO message but was told there were 
no scripts to update.

What I'd like is for the import to complete so I can sort out the database 

Anyone any suggestions?

The live site is running 2.7.6-final python 2.3.5 (win32)
and the test site is running 2.8.4-final python 2.4.0 (linux)

Dale Strickland-Clark
Riverhall Systems Ltd - www.riverhall.co.uk

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