[Zope] Importing a site with missing products

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Jul 13 17:47:34 EDT 2006

Dale Strickland-Clark wrote at 2006-7-13 09:48 +0100:
>I need to duplicate (for testing) a site currently running on Windows on to 
>This isn't a big deal. I've done the reverse direction without grief.
>However, on this occasion, I want to change the database connector from MS SQL 
>Server to (mxodbc) to PostgreSQL (zpsycopgda) . 
>Having exported the live site, I am unable to import it again in the test 
>environment because of the following errors:

You can only import a zexp when all modules and classes referenced in the
"zexp" are available in the importing instance.

What you want to do is not possible.

Your options:

  *  Install "ZmxODBC" in the destination instance (I can run under Linux, too)

  *  Install "ZPsycopgDA" in the source instance, change
     your DA's to use "ZPsycopgDA".

  *  Export and import

  *  maybe, change your DAs back to the previous state.


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