[Zope] Inavlid Refernce Counts in Temporary Storage

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Fri Jul 14 04:30:25 EDT 2006

Hi Dieter,

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> You may see a bug in the "pack" implementation for "TemporaryStorage".

Aha - well, my Zope version is 2.8.6 - I'll dig to see if this version
is affected.

> Few people will probably try to "pack" a TemporaryStorage...
> Are you shure to need it?

No, not as such - I'm having problems with "Conflict Errors", when I try
to store variables in the session.

The system has not changed in any way  that I can see is relevant, and
is not under heavy load (<10 users accessing the pages in question), so
I was trying to examine the behaviour of the temporary storage and
satisfy myself that is was healthy.

>From what you say, it may be that this error is entirely down to the
pack bug, so I'm back to trying to figure out how to troubleshoot the
conflict error.




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