[Zope] Zope 3 clues for getting started

Dale Strickland-Clark zope at d.strickers.org.uk
Fri Jul 14 11:19:03 EDT 2006

We're considering Zope 3 for some new sites and for re-factoring some existing 

Initially, we want to use it as an authentication engine for the existing 
sites and then then it will control the new sites as they come online.

This is early stages  (I haven't managed to install Zope 3 yet) so we have 
some reading to do but I wonder if I could get some answers to a couple of 
simple questions:

1. I assume the Zope 3 authentication engine is at least as capable as the 
Zope 2 one in that you can assign roles to users and require roles for a page 
to display?

2. Is it possible to keep the users' passwords in clear text so they can be 
emailed if the user requests it?

3. Where is the API documented that we call to check if a user/password 
combination is valid?

4. Where is the rest of Zope 3 documented? I've found this 
but it doesn't seem complete.

Thanks for any help.
Dale Strickland-Clark
Riverhall Systems Ltd - www.riverhall.co.uk
London UK

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