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Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Fri Jul 14 12:01:10 EDT 2006

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Can anyone share their experiences on Zope's performance, what your hardware 
/ Zope configs are, and how you plan to scale ?

I just did some load testing for a new app I am building, so i have some 


Application Server
   - zope 2.9.2
   - centOS 4.3 (linux)
   - AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (1.8 Ghz)
   - 1Mb RAM (PC3200 DDR 400Mhz)

Database Server
   - zope 2.9.2 (but only using zeo server)
   - mysql 4.1
   - centOS 4.3 (linux)
   - VIA Cyrix CPU (1Ghz)
   - 1Mb RAM (ECC 400Mhz)

Load testing was done using http_load utility.  Apache front-end web server 
was turned off (I didn't want Apache & its caching to impact the load 
testing). Load testing was done on an internal LAN.

Test #1 - retrieval of static web page (application server gets web page 
from zeo server running on database server); results:

        750 fetches, 50 max parallel
        3382 mean bytes/connection
        186.86 fetches/sec
        631981 bytes/sec
            mean 0.414
            max  7.523
            min 0.174
            mean 258.394
            max  277.709
            min 114.296

Test #2 - retrieval of a dynamic page (data collected via an external method 
and displayed via dtml). Data collection required 5 separate ZCatalog 
searches and 1 SQL search (all searches performed by Database server); 

        750 fetches, 50 max parallel
        8223.2 mean bytes/connection
        12.84 fetches/sec
        105593 bytes/sec
            mean 1.616
            max  46.725
            min 0.17
            mean 3768.18
            max  4339.11
            min 365.858

cpu monitoring during the load test indicated that the Application Server 
was running at 80-85% utilization and the Database Server cpu was running at 
27-31% utilization.

Test #3 - retrieval of a dynamic page (data collected/generated via an 
external method and displayed via dtml). Data collection consisted of 1 zodb 
object access (to obtain property fields), 2 SQL searches and the generation 
of a customized image (using PIL, the image was temporarily stored in a 
temporary_folder); results:

        750 fetches, 50 max parallel
        2287.93 mean bytes/connection
        26.554 fetches/sec
        60753 bytes/sec
            mean 0.425
            max  1.544
            min 0.168
            mean 1782.18
            max  7685.95
            min 78.514

Final system configuration will consist of a front-end load balancer 
(linux-based), several application servers and several database servers. 
There is some good info on scalable networks here: 



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