[Zope] question on simple_send in MailHost

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Sun Jul 16 23:49:22 EDT 2006


The Zope (2.7.5) API docs for MailHost show this for simple_send:

simple_send(self, mto, mfrom, subject, body):

     Sends a message. Only To:, From: and Subject: headers can be set. 
The arguments are:

         A commaseparated string or list of recipient(s) of the message.
         The address of the message sender.
         The subject of the message.
         The body of the message.

So it reads like it can handle more than one To: address, something like 
this comma-separated string:

'me at mine.com,you at yours.com,him at his.com'

...but when I do this the message only gets sent to the first address in 
the list.

Is this a mistake in the docs - do I need to use send() to send to 
multiple addresses?

Or is there something wrong with my comma-separated string of recipients?

Or is there a third possibility I haven't even considered... :-)

John S.


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