[Zope] question on simple_send in MailHost

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Mon Jul 17 07:58:23 EDT 2006

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Subject: [Zope] question on simple_send in MailHost

> Aloha,
> The Zope (2.7.5) API docs for MailHost show this for simple_send:
> --------------
> simple_send(self, mto, mfrom, subject, body):
>     Sends a message. Only To:, From: and Subject: headers can be set. The 
> arguments are:
>     mto
>         A commaseparated string or list of recipient(s) of the message.
>     mfrom
>         The address of the message sender.
>     subject
>         The subject of the message.
>     body
>         The body of the message.
> --------------
> So it reads like it can handle more than one To: address, something like 
> this comma-separated string:
> 'me at mine.com,you at yours.com,him at his.com'
> ...but when I do this the message only gets sent to the first address in 
> the list.

I have never used simple_send..., but have you tried putting the 'To' 
addresses in a list format, eg. ['addr1', 'addr2', ...]?  - if you already 
have a comma-separated string you can easily pass this as a list with 
something like:  string.split(addressString, ',').


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