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Garito garito at sistes.net
Wed Jul 19 09:54:14 EDT 2006

Tino Wildenhain escribió:
> Garito wrote:
>> Andreas Jung escribió:
>>> --On 19. Juli 2006 09:34:58 +0200 Garito <garito at sistes.net> wrote:
>>>> Andreas Jung escribió:
>>>>> --On 18. Juli 2006 15:14:54 +0200 Garito <garito at sistes.net> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all!
>>>>>> Is possible to create an object (for example a Page Template) and
>>>>>> make it
>>>>>> catalog aware?
>>>>> Look at the CatalogAware mixin class.
>>>> But with this class I could create a new class of PT Catalog aware, 
>>>> isn't
>>>> it?
>>>> I would like to convert a normal PT is this possible?
>>> It makes little sense to index the contents of PTs. PTs are used to 
>>> present a view on a particular instance of your class but not for 
>>> providing content
>>> itself.
>>>>>> I wonder why the objects aren't catalogable by default (I need 
>>>>>> all my
>>>>>> object catalogables)
>>>>> Because Zope is not CMF and Zope is not Plone. Because you need this
>>>>> feature it does not mean that everyone needs this feature by default.
>>>>> -aj
>>>> Sure but Is the cost so big?
>>> This is not the question. If you need catalog awareness, either 
>>> implement it as stated above or use one of the frameworks....little 
>>> need to discuss the pros and cons...by default Zope default 
>>> content-types  don't depend on the catalog. CMF and Plone depend on 
>>> the catalog for various reasons. If you have the requirement to use 
>>> a catalog you have the mentioned options.
>>> -aj
>> Yes but what about something like
>> if self.default_catalog != '': self.reindex_object()
>> ?
>> I think it's a question of preferences
>> Then can I "inject" Catalog awarness to an object?
> Yes you can. Its possible with so called monkeypatching.
> However if you can do that, you better just write
> a product w/ subclasses of the standard zope objects and
> your CatalogAwareness. Its easy and clean and you dont
> interfere with further development of zope.
> Regards
> Tino
Sure, but I can't create a new product for every product I'll use only 
to do it catalog aware, isn't it?

Can you say more about monkeypatching?


Mis Cosas

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