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Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Wed Jul 19 15:36:02 EDT 2006

Garito wrote:
> Tino Wildenhain escribió:
>> Garito wrote:
>> ...
>>>>> Sure, but I can't create a new product for every product I'll use only
>>>>> to do it catalog aware, isn't it?
>>>> Yes you can. Why not? I mean you are using them - so you can use
>>>> your products instead as well.
>>> Yes but what if tomorrow you create a product? need work to times: you
>>> first, me later
>> Who says you have a use for the product I create? Or if it makes
>> sense to catalog it? If you want a cataloguing framework, why
>> dont you use CMF or something?
> I want to make every class catalogable only if I point a zcatalog id
> (with self.default_catalog) but If I point it I want to catalogue the
> object

And what of the object do you want to catalog?
Which kind of indexes do you want it to support?
What kind of questions do you expect your ZCatalog
(hypothetically) answered? Could you give examples?

> Now is a search era, isn't it?

Yes, search for what and by whom is the question here.

> Use another framework only to do the objects catalogable?
> I love simple things

So why are you trying to make standard zope objects more
complicated? :)
>>> In my opinion (is only an opinion) these is not the best situation in a
>>> future
>>> Sorry but is not so acceptable for me
>> The point is, it makes no sense to catalog Pagetemplates,
>> Python Scripts, Folders and ZSQL Methods, Mailhosts
>> and Database connections. These are all standard zope
>> objects, yet they make catalogable content only in derived
>> work or when they play together - which is a custom
>> solution anyway. There you can add whatever cataloguing
>> awareness you want.
> And if I use them dinamically (a user with the role1 use the template
> Ver but a user with the role2 use the template Ver1 for the same
> context)? (I'm not sure if I understand you clear, sorry If I make a
> mistake, please

This would not be supported by just adding indexing to the standard
objects anyway. You would write a container which supports the bahavior
you want - and while you are at it you can easily add catalogawareness
to that - exactly where and in the way _you_ need it :-)
Individual objects cataloguing themself would get in your way.

Tino Wildenhain

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