[Zope] ExternalFile - getting back the file

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-zope at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Jul 19 21:01:19 EDT 2006

At Wednesday 19/7/2006 15:16, krokodylek at tenbit.pl wrote:

>I'm using the ExternalFile product:
>because I need to have a file both in ZMI, as well as in filesystem.
>I would like to ask if anyone can tell me how to get back the file that
>ExternalFile was created from, having only the object? In fact I do not need
>the file itself, but tha data (bytes) that were inside.

Do you mean, the file in the filesystem does not exist anymore? An 
ExternalFile is like a "pointer" to a file, it does not store the 
actual file content, so if the original file is not there you can't 
get anything.

Or, if you are asking about how to retrieve the (existing) file 
contents, look in the sources for the getContents() method.

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