[Zope] Catalog aware

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Thu Jul 20 05:17:29 EDT 2006

Garito wrote:
> Tino Wildenhain escribió:
>> Garito wrote:
>>> Tino Wildenhain escribió:
>>>> Garito wrote:
>>>>> Tino Wildenhain escribió:
>>>>>> Garito wrote:
>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>>>> Sure, but I can't create a new product for every product I'll 
>>>>>>>>> use only
>>>>>>>>> to do it catalog aware, isn't it?
>>>>>>>> Yes you can. Why not? I mean you are using them - so you can use
>>>>>>>> your products instead as well.
>>>>>>> Yes but what if tomorrow you create a product? need work to 
>>>>>>> times: you
>>>>>>> first, me later
>>>>>> Who says you have a use for the product I create? Or if it makes
>>>>>> sense to catalog it? If you want a cataloguing framework, why
>>>>>> dont you use CMF or something?
>>>>> I want to make every class catalogable only if I point a zcatalog id
>>>>> (with self.default_catalog) but If I point it I want to catalogue the
>>>>> object
>>>> And what of the object do you want to catalog?
>>>> Which kind of indexes do you want it to support?
>>>> What kind of questions do you expect your ZCatalog
>>>> (hypothetically) answered? Could you give examples?
>>> Is not important what I want to catalog, for me is important that the 
>>> object *was* in the catalog (some catalogs indexes some properties 
>>> some others other properties)
>> Please read the catalog section again: there isnt the object in the 
>> catalog!
>> Again: The object is _not_ in the catalog.
>> Its all about usefull indexes and maybe object metadata.
>> So again: _what_ actually do you expect to find?
> When I talk about was in the catalog I mean the object is catalogued
> I expect to find *the object* in the catalog
> For example:
> How do you know how many cousins you have? Because you are a catalog 
> that catalog the number of cousins you have

So you want to count objects based on their meta_type?
Of what use would be such an information?
What if you know how many pagetemplates you have? :-)

> Another example: how much skills about computing do you have? Again your 
> skills are objects that you need (as a catalog you are) to catalog

We have a skills object in plain zope now? Thats news for me.

> Like an entity (a thing, and object) you need to know some data stored 
> in your life added to you

Yes, but a zcatalog cannot work with "some data" - you need to specify
exactly _which_ data you want to find. So what exacly is this on
standard Zope objects?

>> Yes, but its nonsense. You cant do anything more with the objects
>> in Zope if they are catalogued.
> Are you sure? I can find them!!! Then if I can find them I can count 
> them, give to you (even if its don't depend on me, remember your skills 
> or your cousins?)

Ah yes, which zope product stores cousin data?

> I want to create an object that acts like an entity (like a human or a 
> mortage or a paper or a product -that you can sell)

Yes, you crate it - you define its cataloguing. So what is your business
with standard zope objects here?

> These entity need to know how is it (its properties, its characteristics)

You cant barely catalog all properties - the catalog would not even know
if this property is meant as keyword or fulltext or whatever...

> I ask myself if I know myself but I only know about myself all I can 
> catalogue

>> Regards
>> Tino
> I don't expect anyone guess my needs (is for that I need to develop the 
> class) :)
> I only ask if I can add some super classes to an object when  I create 
> it :)

You can, you just add it. Its there and you even know its name.
So what was your problem again? :-)

> I know my needs are so particular but I want to create something new 
> with a new perspective. If I can the result will be very curious (I 
> suppose, I expect even)
> I choose Zope because is the most near to my finall result

Exactly :-)


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