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Garito garito at sistes.net
Thu Jul 20 06:38:43 EDT 2006

Martijn Pieters escribió:
> Please don't email me personally; let's keep this discussion on the list.
> Garito wrote:
>> Yes, the indexes depends on the entity (I don't know what indexes I use
>> until I define the entity but I need to catalog every characteristic of
>> the entity)
>> For example if I have a entity with a container where to put my cousins
>> information I will catalog a keyword index called (is an example,
>> remeber) HowMuch that counts the number of the objects stored in the
>> container
>> Or if I talk about skills I will catalogue the marks or the way to print
>> the certificate of excelence (again an example)
> But then you can create specific subclasses that are catalog aware. What
> standard objects would you use to implement this? You have a specific,
> non-generic use-case that has already been catered for by the framework.
I can't subclass every class I need. These will need to reajust 
(subclass) every new case
For example:
Now I know I need Page Templates and Script Python catalogaware, then I 
subclass them and I finish the work, good

But tomorrow I need a Mail host catalogaware, begin again and create a 
subclass for Mail host

I would like if there are a generic way to add catalogawareness by code. 
If there are my problem about catalogawareness finish
>>> Making all Zope objects catalog aware by default makes no sense
>>> though. You have yet to come with a compelling generic use-case, let
>>> alone with one that convinces me. Why catalog database connectors for
>>> example? What kind of search are you performing?
>> Please, don't think in a particular case, think a way to do that if you
>> need
> No, we need a use-case. Otherwise you have what we call a YAGNI, a "You
> aint gonna need it" feature that noone will maintain because noone uses it.
> A vague notion that you'd like to see this for your application is not a
> use-case.
I use these feature then YAGNI converts to AGUT (at least Garito use 
these) ;)
Again I know these way is a very particular way, nothing more

When Zopers define what Zope will be they thing in a particular use 
case? Or Ploners or CMFers? I don't think so

I have a very clear model on my brain that is possible with more or less 
code What I'm trying is to reduce the length of the code I need to put 
these model at Zope
>>> Have you thought about the potential problems of making all objects
>>> catalog-aware by default, like potential conflicts and side-effects?
>> What kind of side-effects or conflicts (put an example to understand,
>> please)
> Catalog indexes retrieve their infomation from the object, through a
> named attribute. If that attribute is callable, the index calls it, so
> it executes the code. That may have side effects not originally forseen
> because the original code never anticipated being indexed. This can
> happen when the attribute name can mean different things in different
> contexts.
> Zope is a complex beast, and the idea of making everything catalog aware
> is not going to play well.
Sure but Zopers don't stops these way only because someone could use it 
in a wrong way
But I can understand the side effects (thanks for the example, it clears 
my doubt)

Why making everything catalog aware is not going to play well?
I only want catalog aware what is on my products area (sometimes bigger 
than others)
>>> I say a big -infinity from me on the whole idea.
>> I can't understand the last sentence (my english is a kid english, sorry
>> again!)
> It means I say no to the idea. A big no.
Well, sorry for that!
> Martijn Pieters

Mis Cosas

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