[Zope] default webpage after External Method script executed

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Thu Jul 20 14:53:59 EDT 2006

--On 20. Juli 2006 20:48:16 +0200 Tino Wildenhain <tino at wildenhain.de> 
>>  return
>>  self.context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(some_url_plus_query_string)
> valid but very ugly. Why not just return the result of the call of a
> template?

You might be interested have the original page under the original URL.
So a redirection is fine.

> e.g. return self.zpt_or_whatever_template()
> Or do all the form work in a python script anyway, which calls
> the external method when everything looks ok and returns
> with the template as above.

THis also work...depends on your usecase and requirements

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