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Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 13:38:51 EDT 2006

On 7/20/06, Garito <garito at sistes.net> wrote:
> Ok, a real case:
> I'm working on a data system (I like the concept data system) for a friend
> He is Dj for that I want to create a concept like
> Session
>     Form -> A formulator
>     See -> Used to view the session on its default view
>     Ask -> Used to view the session to change it data (to modify the object)
>     Edit -> Used to change the properties (via Ask view)
>     ...
> Ask will be something like
> <tal:b tal:repeat='field Form/get_fields'>
>   <label tal:attributes='for field/getId' />
>   <tal:b tal:replace='structure field/render' />
> </tal:b>
> As you can see a lot of entities will use the same Ask


> I will create a container to store all these kind of functionality to
> use is as a generic Ask
> In a normal way I can use adquisition to make these way but I want to
> store things with some kind of order then I define something like
> MyFriendsWeb (this is an entity)
>     Forms (is not an entity but I use the same product to create it)
>        Session -> Formulator
>        Production -> Formulator
>     Functionality (is not an entity but I use the same product to create it)
>        Ask
>        See
>        Edit
>     Session (this is an entity)
>        Form -> points to MyFriendsWeb/Forms/Session
>        See -> Will use the generic one
>        Ask -> this one too (the generic one)
>        ...
>     Production (this is an entity)
>        Form -> points to MyFriendsWeb/Forms/Production
>        See -> Will use the generic one
>        Ask -> this one too (the generic one)
> MyFriendsWeb is an entity for that reason catalog everything that not in
> another entity like Session
> Session is another entity for that catalog See (the pointer one not the
> real See), Ask (like See is a pointer) and so on
> What I want is semantic structure not only usefull structure that makes
> that every entity will know everything it can do or be

I think I see.

> With my model I use my product for every container, formulators/page
> templates/script pythons like functionality an so on

Sure, just like portal_skins does.

> My model works but I would like if its possible to use something like
> <tal:b tal:replace='structure Session/Form/header' />
> or
> <tal:b tal:replace='MyFriendsWeb/Sessions' />
> instead of
> <tal:b tal:define='Form <some code to retrieve the form. First if here
> has Form, then in the acquisition context and finally searching on the
> catalog of the entity>'>
>     <tal:replace='structure Form/header' />
> </tal:b>
> It works, its only a question of use it as simple as I can

Well, this seems complex. Can't you just have
context/Session/Form/header instead of just Session/Form/header?

> For that my product is a ZCatalog with a property Entity (boolean)
> If you mark Entity as true for an object every objects below these one
> are catalogued by my product

Uhhh. That doesn't help.

> What do you think?

Sound fine. I notice that in all of your description above there is a
complete lack of indexed page templates. ;)

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