[Zope] How to prevent subobjects to catalog a parents attribute

Mohsen Moeeni listless at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 09:38:43 EDT 2006


My folder (which extends ATFolder from ATContentTypes) has
a `catagory` attribute (field) which I want to be present in the
catalog both as index and metadata. So I have added the
`category` FiledIndex and metadata to my catalog object.
Everything is fine when I look at my indexed custom folder in the
catalog. However, the problem is that the subobjects of this
folder will also have the same value as their parent for the category
index and metadata because of the acquisition. Can I prevent this?

On workaround is to prevent `category' from being acquired by
subobjects by using some mechanism (like changing the name
to _category which I do not like). Is it *the* way to go? I'd like to
know people's idea about this problem.


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