[Zope] Re: accessing object from a list constructed in __init__.py

kevin7kal plone at kevinkal.com
Mon Jul 24 17:28:50 EDT 2006

Thank you everybody for your input and help with this.
What was explained to me and what I missed when reading about 
acquisition is that _getattr_ is used by acquisition to return 
attributes in context.  If your objects are in a list, _getattr_ is not 
available, but _getitem_ is used to return the objects.  So there are 
two solutions and two schools of thought on how to solve this.
Some will over ride _getitem_ so that lists return object.__of__(self) , 
others will wrap the objects manually.

The second solution is the one that I took.
I wrote a method for my class that takes an integer and will return that 
element from the list as a wrapped object.


def getObject(self,i):
   '''return wrapped object from list'''
   object = self.list.__of__(self)
   return object

Thanks again everyone for your help.


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