[Zope] variable propagation

David H bluepaul at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 24 18:00:12 EDT 2006

Pavel Zaitsev wrote:

>I would like to ask how to propagate variables from initial index_html
>call to deeper levels. Say I have index_html python script, I invoke it
>then I would like to feed some data to "generic" template, that will in
>turn will invoke template in the same directory that will do nice layout
>of my results. Generic template lies below all other objects, in
>directory tree, in the root.
>When I execute the command chain, variables are not passed and options
>is lost on one layer of zpt calls. Is there way to rectify that.

You question is a bit vague but ...

Make your index_html a python script.  And then stuff your REQUEST with 
info you want

Then just call the Page Template ...

request.set('formvar1', somevalue)
return context.myPageTemplate(context.request)

Of course of you have <forms> submit with an action="." and method="post".

Then you can intercept all calls using index_html, do what you need to 
do and *then* render the next form.


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