[Zope] variable propagation

Pavel Zaitsev pavel at md5.ca
Mon Jul 24 19:19:45 EDT 2006

В Пнд, 24/07/2006 в 15:00 -0700, David H пишет
> Pavel,
> You question is a bit vague but ...
> Make your index_html a python script.  And then stuff your REQUEST with 
> info you want
> Then just call the Page Template ...
> request.set('formvar1', somevalue)
> return context.myPageTemplate(context.request)
> Of course of you have <forms> submit with an action="." and method="post".
> Then you can intercept all calls using index_html, do what you need to 
> do and *then* render the next form.

here is description:

	index_tmpl <-- invokes here.content_html
	index_html  <-- overriding root one, calls --   context.index_tmpl(some
parameters=some parameters).
	content_html <-- gets called from index_tmpl

So i want parameters that are presented to index_html be presented to
context_html just like they would be presented to index_html.
So i would be able to call context_html from outside as well from the
inside. Ie <span tal:replace="username"/> should work in both
cases. I thought thats the way zope's code reuse works.

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