[Zope] ZJetDA product and Microsoft Access

Jesper Steen Steffensen jsteffensen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 06:47:40 EDT 2006

> Hi
> I've had a look at this product and installed it on Zope 2.8.7. It
> installed fine but when I look in the 'add' menu I'm not seeing an 'add
> ZJetDA database connection' which you get for other installed database
> adapters. Possibly I'm wrong in expecting this? I know it's totally crazy to
> want to hook Access up with Zope using sql queries but I'd just like to know
> if it's been done or is possible.
> Thanks
> michael

I've tried the ZJet adapter as well without luck. Go with the ZODB DA
It works perfectly.

To connect to an MS Access DB on a windows machine you'll need to set the DB
up as a system data source on the machine. This is done in the Start menu ->
Administration -> ODBC datasources.
Add a system data source in there, and browse to your mdb file. Give the
data source a name of your own choice, and when you go back into the zope
manager and add the DB  connection you need to write this data source name
(DSN) in the connection string. After that your ZSQL methods will work

Worked for me. I was forced to use an MS Access DB as well due to some very
strict network policies about approved software for the network.
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