[Zope] Running 2 instances of Zope on Apache

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jul 26 15:00:44 EDT 2006

ianripping wrote at 2006-7-26 01:30 -0700:
> ...
><VirtualHost *:80>
>    ServerAdmin ian.ripping at cfh.nhs.uk
>    ServerName commsg6lds
>    RewriteEngine On
>    RewriteRule ^/(.*)
>I am using rewrite rule and this works for just the internal address
>How would I configure this for http://live.commsg6lds
>Do I have to enable NameVirtualHost?
>What should I have for listen? Currently:
>Listen 80

You really should read Apache's "NameVirtualHost" documentation...


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