[Zope] Combining TAL and JavaScript

Mikko Koivunen mikko.koivunen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 07:19:26 EDT 2006

Hello all,

Is it possible to process TAL with JavaScript?

I have a custom Plone content type which is used for external links.
The link tags get presented from a page template like this:
tal:attributes="href here/remote_url"

Is it possible to process this remote_url somehow with a JavaScript rewrite?

Reason: We have another non-Zope system which uses GET variables for
some settings, and I need to rewrite some variables on links that go
to that system.

Example: I have links like http://foo/index?action=list&... and I need
to rewrite them to http://foo/index?action=start&...

Any other routes beside JavaScript are welcome as well, it's just the
first thing I thought of.

The reason I can't just ask the webmasters/authors to change the
variable while making the links is that I actually need to present
both unchanged and rewritten versions with the view template.

PS. I hope this message suits this list.

Mikko Koivunen

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