[Zope] CatalogPatch && PloneSecurityInjector

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Mon Oct 2 13:20:00 EDT 2006

--On 2. Oktober 2006 10:08:02 -0700 Javier Subervi 
<javier_subervi at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi;
> I asked this of the Plone d'list, but no one responded, so I assume no
> one had the answer...so I've come here ;) I came across
> PloneSecurityInjector in the collective and thought it was a neat idea.
> So I installed it, along with its dependencies, one of which is
> CatalogPatch. However, that latter breaks my Plone!

Well, look at your traceback and identify the related method 
(catalog_object() ) and compare it with the official API.


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