[Zope] zope gets killed on startup

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Oct 2 13:54:41 EDT 2006

Einar Næss Jensen wrote at 2006-10-2 02:22 +0200:
> ...
>My zope will not start, after running fine for  a few days, after installing
>plone 2.5, When I try to start it, it just ends with a "killed". How may I
>find out what killed my zope? (I guess I did, in some way, but not how. It
>just suddenly stopped)
> ...
>DeprecationWarning: __init__.py of Products.ExternalEditor has a long
>deprecated 'methods' attribute. 'methods' support might be removed in Zope
>2.11 or a later feature release. Please use the 'legacy' argument of
>registerClass instead if the methods are constructors. Or refactor the
>product using adapters.
>  DeprecationWarning)

Looks as if something have send your Zope process a "kill -KILL".

Sometimes the operating system does this, e.g. when the process
overflows the C runtime stack or allocates excessive memory.


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