[Zope] Legacy Perl code and Zope. A pipe dream?

Olavo Santos lists at varkala.net
Wed Oct 4 11:15:47 EDT 2006

From: "Derek Basch" <dbasch at yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 3 de October de 2006 18:54


> Yes, the application is currently deployed but it is the gnarliest
> mess of ten year old spaghetti code you have ever seen. No session
> handling, no automatic CGI variable parsing, no authentication....no
> fun. I am attempting to find a path towards a proper web application
> framework without having to rewrite every single line of legacy code.
> For example, all new projects would adhere to framework xyz and the
> legacy code would still play nicely with the framework.

    Is your perl web app up and running? Leave it as it is.

    Just deploy a Zope instance in front of your perl web app and start
relaying http requests throught an ExternalMethod ( using httplib, for
example, its a nice way to start coding in python ) or similar.

    You will instantly find out that you will have to create a tree of
objects similar to the perl scripts and folders that you have. Use DTML
Method objects or even better, Python Scripts ones.

    You can even mount your static content folders into Zope using the
"Local File System" product.

    Yes, it seems a little bit crazy, but gives you everything that Zope can
offer w/out touching on the old web app.

    Anything ( apache, pound ) running as a load balancer/reverse proxy can
also help, because you can redirect some http requests to the old web app
and new ones to the new web app.

Best regards,

@671, Nbk

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