[Zope] Help! Zope Crashed! Production Server!

Javier Subervi javier_subervi at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 4 14:43:25 EDT 2006

I'll afford a server to experiment on before year's end, but that doesn't help me today. I was trying to get Python 2.3.5 to work with LDAP on FreeBSD. I built py-ldap2 from ports and directed it to install Python 2.3.5 (because I'm using Zope 2.7.8 because my software won't migrate yet). It built out okay. The person who ran this box previously didn't understand FreeBSD's port system, so he built Python in a different place. I moved all of that for safety's sake (at least, I thought I did), and then ended up moving it all back because I couldn't fire up Zope (I have 2 instances). Then I was able to fire up Zope *and* import LDAP (the latter indicating something from my new installation stuck). When I ps wax I see Zope is working. However, when I surf to sites, or even the IP address, it just hangs! I cleared out log/event.log and touched it and fired up in runzope mode, but there was nothing strange in the event.log! And I've been over that log many times lately, so I
 would recognize something different. I presume ZServer is hung. How do I trouble-shoot this?
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