[Zope] Help! Zope Crashed! Production Server!

Marco Bizzarri marco.bizzarri at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 04:13:20 EDT 2006

Since you're running it with runzope (i.e. in foregreound mode):

1) Can you confirm Zope provided the message "Zope Ready to handle requests"

2) What is the top command showing? Is python/zope process using CPU,
or is it simple unresponsive?

3) Can you check if there are different processes when you start and
when you do your first request? With some C extensions of python, you
can end with "hanging" python processes (at least on Linux; don't know
on FreeBSD).

4) Is the zope process able to write to Z2.log, event.log and (if
used) trace.log?

Hope this can help.


Marco Bizzarri

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