[Zope] Surprising load test results?

Federico Schwindt federico.schwindt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 06:28:58 EDT 2006

Hi Chris,

On 10/5/06, Chris Withers <chris at simplistix.co.uk> wrote:
> Pascal Peregrina wrote:
> > We made some basic load testing against different Zope2 versions and found
> > some unexpected results.
> What's unexpected in particular?

  The average response time for the different types with different versions.

> How many runs did you do for each setup and how did you average them?

   There were a few runs for each case but I can't remember the exact
number. Every run shown similar results. The last one was picked. The
average shown is for the latest one.

> Also, was the hardware, memory usage and processor load, excluding that
> used by Zope identical over the course of all runs?
> (common problems are doing load tests on a box that is also doing other
> things)

  Hardware is detailed in the page. The box was doing nothing else
except running one zope instance at the time.

> Also, what was the config? Plain Zope with FileStorage? ZEO? etc...

  FileStorage with stock zope.conf except for enabling wsgi were noted.

> What do you mean by "wsgi enabled"? How does wsgi+ differ from wsgi?

  The wsgi directive was enabled in 2.10.0b2. Re wsgi+, do you mean in
the graphic? I need to correct that as the text was truncated. It
should be wsgi+SpeedPack and wsgi+profile.

> The speed drop in ZPT I think is due to using Zope 3's ZPT engine in
> 2.10. Zope 3 has, unless someone tells me otherwise, the policy of being
> "slow but right" at the moment. Optimisation may be something the Zope 3
> guys want to focus on once they've finished refactoring everything to
> death for the 7th or 8th time ;-)

  yes, i think that's the cause of the tal speedup in 2.10, but then
static content is painfully slower.


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