[Zope] Re: Zope 2.10.0 released

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Thu Oct 5 08:02:21 EDT 2006

Stefan H. Holek, on 2006-10-05:
> Maurits, you seem to be working as root, which is the root of all  
> evil (pun intended). Don't do that, ever. The permission issues you  
> reported also only crop up if the tarball is extracted while root.  
> Don't do that!

Actually, I don't. :)

Extract the original tar ball, do a 'find -perm 600' and you'll see
lots of files that have the wrong permissions.  The new tar is good in
that respect.  But let's look at the 'root' cause:

~/download $ tar xzf Zope-2.10.0-final.tgz # That's the current one.
~/download $ cd Zope-2.10.0-final/
~/download/Zope-2.10.0-final $ find -user root
~/download/Zope-2.10.0-final $ ./configure
(snip the usual output)
~/download/Zope-2.10.0-final $ make
(snip the usual output)
maurits at kronos:~/download/Zope-2.10.0-final $ make install
"/usr/bin/python" "/home/maurits/download/Zope-2.10.0-final/setup.py" \
            build --build-base="/home/maurits/download/Zope-2.10.0-final/build-base/python-2.4" --build-lib="/home/maurits/download/Zope-2.10.0-final/build-base/python-2.4/build-lib" --build-scripts="/home/maurits/download/Zope-2.10.0-final/build-base/python-2.4/build-scripts" --build-temp="/home/maurits/download/Zope-2.10.0-final/build-base/python-2.4/build-temp"
running build_ext
creating zope.proxy
copying zope/proxy/proxy.h -> zope.proxy
copying /home/maurits/download/Zope-2.10.0-final/lib/python/version.txt -> /home/maurits/download/Zope-2.10.0-final/build-base/python-2.4/build-lib
running install_lib
creating /opt/Zope-2.10
error: could not create '/opt/Zope-2.10': Permission denied
make: *** [install] Error 1

That's logical, as I don't have the permissions to install anything in
/opt as normal user.

maurits at kronos:~/download/Zope-2.10.0-final $ find -user root
maurits at kronos:~/download/Zope-2.10.0-final $ sudo make install
Zope binaries installed successfully.
Now run '/opt/Zope-2.10/bin/mkzopeinstance.py'
maurits at kronos:~/download/Zope-2.10.0-final $ find -user root

Bingo, there is your error.  Well, like I said, that's not a big deal,
but still...

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