[Zope] Re: Upload file to server for encoding...

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Thu Oct 5 09:04:43 EDT 2006

Please keep your posts on the lists...

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> Hello Jonathan,
> I saw your reply to this message about uploading a file, and I thought
> you could help me.
> I have a database in my server where people from place information
> into. Some information is confidential and i would like to encrypt,
> leaving the key of encription inside the computer of the person who
> placed the information there.
> I was planning in leaving a file (.txt) in the outside computer and
> when he wants to place a information in my database, I would call a
> python script to encrypt it, using the key on the .txt file. After
> when he wants to read it again, i read the txt file and reverse the
> process.
> My problem with the way using a page-template is that i would have to
> ask the person to open upload the file everytime he wants to see that
> info....or hold the key in my server what is also not a good idea.
> Is there a way to read the file directly from a python script?

If you want to read a file from the server filesystem then you will need an 
External Method, but this is very easy to do (googling will get you lots of 
help and you can also find help in the Zope Book).

If the file is on the client system then you will have to ask the user to 
upload the file each time.


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