[Zope] Legacy Perl code and Zope. A pipe dream?

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Thu Oct 5 12:39:27 EDT 2006

Derek Basch wrote:
> I saw that the zope-perl project is virtually dead and was hoping that some magical zope to perl
> bridge existed. Something that would allow me to use our existing perl code as an external method
> or someting similar. Forgive me if my zope terminology is a bit off as I haven't worked with zope
> in about three years.
> As it stands it looks like I will need to use a PHP or Perl web application framework.

The closest thing right now available that might help you is Python WSGI 
technology. Zope 3 has WSGI support; Zope 2's support is still 
prototypical as far as I know, but Ian Bicking actually mentions work on 
this in the blog entry I link to below too.

There has been some work done to bridge PHP into WSGI, allowing PHP 
applications can be embedded into Python applications.


What you might be able to do is write something based on WSGI that 
allows bridging Perl applications into Python applications. This should
allow you then to embed these Perl applications into a Zope 3 context.

Anyway, not a ready-made answer, but perhaps it will help.



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