[Zope] Re: Surprising load test results?

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Thu Oct 5 12:43:03 EDT 2006

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Pascal Peregrina wrote:

> We made some basic load testing against different Zope2 versions and found
> some unexpected results.
> Everything is summarized here :
> http://talk.lastminute.com/wiki/index.php/Loadtest
> We would appreciate any comment about it, and of course will answer any
> question you might have about our test.

Can you tell us what the scale is on the graph?  Also, for the benefit
of those "playing along at home", I'm attaching a .zexp file of the test
tree, made according to your spec.

My results, using 'ab -c 4 -n 100' against that site, are as follows
(all times are in ms, averaged across all requests):

Zope Version         test.html  flag.gif  anim.swf
- ------------------   ---------  --------  --------

Zope 2.7 trunk          6.4       4.4      5.1

Zope 2.8 trunk          6.6       5.2      5.5

Zope 2.9 trunk          6.6       5.1      6.0

Zope 2.10 trunk         7.9       5.5      6.3

Zope 2.10 trunk         8.3       6.0      7.5
  with WSGI

I'm *not* using psyco anywhere in these tests, and running them on my
1.6 Ghz laptop, running Ubuntu Dapper.


1. The big jump in ZPT rendering is between 2.9 and 2.10 (~20%), which
   corresponds to the switch to use Zope3's ZPT.  Maybe we lost som
   optimizations in that switch?

2. WSGI never wins, which isn't surprising:  it adds overhead to the
   publishing process (0.5 ms or so, likely not a big problem).

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