[Zope] TimerService/ZopeScheduler runs but doesn't run scripts......

michaelntmilne michaelntmilne at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 5 18:32:39 EDT 2006

Hi Phil

I do read the list. This thread was a logical debate without emotive terms until andreas and chris got involved. Intially i had an issue with a product and gave an opinion which was supported by other posters. I've now solved this through other means and come to a solution which hopefully other readers may utilise if they too have problems with some Zope products on Windows. I don't have time for people who jump to conclusions not based on the facts displayed and use emotive language to make some nebulous point which is beyond me.

And anyway a bit of sport is enjoyable...:-)

Philip Kilner <phil at xfr.co.uk> wrote: Hi Michael,

michaelntmilne wrote:
> yes well just don't get involved in the original conversation if you
> have nothing constructive to offer. and if you think i am a troll then
> you're more ignorant that i thought. you come up with some ignorant
> original comments based on emotive language and then fail to follow this
> up with any logical debate at all...amazing.

Are you responding to Chris for sport, or in seriousness?

I think (and if you read this list you will know) that he will not let go!

I look forward to tomorrow's thrilling instalment...





"Say what you mean. Bear witness. Iterate." —John M. Ford

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