[Zope] ZopeEditArea, and how to host subfolders?

Piotr Furman piotr.furman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 07:23:04 EDT 2006


First of all I'd like you to know about my product, ZopeEditArea
(http://www.zope.org/Members/pfurman/ZopeEditArea), which replaces textarea in
ZMI into EditArea (http://cdolivet.net/editarea/) - a javascript source code editor.

But I had some problems during developing that product. I had to host some
javascript files, which were packaged in few subfolders. As I wanted it to work
with pure Zope, I couldn't use Plone portal_skins, or even CMF DirectoryViews. I
have found that there is a 'misc_' dictionary, which is usually used for icon
publishing. So I used misc_ too, but it does not allow to host folders, or at
least I have not found how to do that.

So, do you know how to easy publish whole folder, with javascripts and images,
not using CMF DirectoryView?

Piotr Furman

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