[Zope] Re: Surprising load test results? (more results)

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Tue Oct 10 11:36:25 EDT 2006

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Pascal Peregrina wrote:
> Well, I should have removed the SpeedPack results for clarity...
> I might add these graphs today.
> But basically, the worrying thing is the performance degradation with each
> zope version... 2.8.8 seems to be the fastest, then 2.9, then 2.10... :(
> (even if you forget about WSGI)

There deltas appear to be as follows (ignoring the Speedpack / WSGI

          Best Case (-c 5)                Worst Case (-c 100)
        2.8.8-2.9.4    2.9.4-2.10.0b2    2.8.8-2.9.4    2.9.4-2.10.0b2
 -----  -----------    --------------    -----------    --------------
 SWF       0.6 ms           0.5 ms           1.4 ms         -0.3 ms

 GIF       0.2 ms           0.5 ms           0.3 ms          0.6 ms

 ZPT       0.3 ms           1.1 ms           0.3 ms          1.2 ms

Note that the worst-case for the SWF file actually improved from 2.9.4
to 2.10.0b2 (the speedpack colors are a little confusing).  There does
appear to be a real bump in both ZPublisher owverhead
(OFS.Image.File.index_html has not changed appreciably across the
versions) and in ZPT rendering time.

We probably need to audit the changes made to the Zope2 version of ZPT
after the Zope3 version was forked, and find any optimizations which
were made only there.

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