[Zope] How can I store session data to db on login/logoff events ?

Pletli Antal a.pletli at euromacc.hu
Wed Oct 11 09:19:21 EDT 2006

Hi All!

Sorry for my stupid question and my english:

I would like store some session data to db when the users log into my
zope system and when the session object will be deleted.
When the users log into the system the index_html script sets some data
to request.SESSION object.
I have a script called "addScript" that runs when an object is added to
transient data container.
In the "addScript" I try receive data with yyy =
container.SESSION.get('xxx') or item.get(....) but I cannot see the
How can I retrieve the user SESSION data when the items are created or
deleted from the transient object container?

Thank you in advance 


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