[Zope] Re: Zope 2 for Windows

Maik Ihde mail at ihde.info
Thu Oct 12 04:56:50 EDT 2006

> Volunteer to look after Windows if you want to fix this, but do not
> insult those who have volunteered to look after other platforms.
> Re-read what Andreas said ("there is no current maintainer, we do not
> have a volunteer", in essence) and what you said ("ignorant thinking"),
> and see if you can spot your mistake - you are attacking Andreas for not
> taking ownership of a platform he does /not/ use, in the context of his
> work to look after a platform he /does/ use.


Michael, if you really think there is a need for a windows platform maintainer
then please step up and bring youself in or sponsor someone to do it. But just
insulting those that already invest a lot of their time like Andreas is
absolutely counterproductive and shows that you have not understood the concepts
of OSS at all.

just my 5c


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