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michael nt milne michael.milne at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 07:11:55 EDT 2006

yes I get your general 'drift'. I am putting in my own time as much as I can
just now promoting Plone and therefore Zope. And this will increase over
time. To be honest I am more committed to Plone and the user base there.
This thread was an example of a in-built bias against Windows which I have
come up against time and time again but mainly on this list. We all know
that Zope runs best on Unix but for the small to medium organisation running
a server in house Windows is the platform of choice.

> Otoh, I don't
think any of the developers will be sad If YOU stop using zope. Or even

Obviously but that doesn't bother me a bit.

On 10/12/06, knitti <knitti at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/12/06, michael nt milne <michael.milne at gmail.com> wrote:
> > my privately on your approace. I've been posting on Plone, receiving
> help,
> > posting bugs and also helping others for over a year now. All totally
> > constructive. People have also commented to me that my posts have been
> > helpful and they have been.
> well, unless my glasses distort my brain, none of your postings in this
> thread have been. basically, as almost always with something one
> receives without needing to pay for, we can be glad (and should be
> grateful)that there are people using THEIR OWN TIME for something
> what benefits us, too. and they can do with their own time what they
> want, and you can too, with yours.
> so stop whining, especially if you can't contribute with your own time or
> by funding one of the developers to do WHAT YOU WANT. Otoh, I don't
> think any of the developers will be sad If YOU stop using zope. Or even
> notice.
> --knitti

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