[Zope] Sending XML straight down to a zope

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Thu Oct 12 13:07:42 EDT 2006

Chris Withers wrote:
> Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>> xml_content = open('validxmlfile.xml').read()
>> http = httplib.HTTP("localhost", 8080)
>> http.putrequest("POST", "/uploadExpenseXML")
> That's not really a valid transaction...
Perhaps I got my pseudo syntax code wrong.
My point is still valid since Zope doesn't seem to be able to 
deconstruct a HTTP POST where a value is send without a key.

> My guess is you should be encoding this as a posted file (ie: as if 
> you'd used an <input type="file"/>) and then process the file on the 
> server...
I've tried to make them change their mind now about how they post it to 
me but it's a bit unclear still if they can change their minds about how 
the XML poster works.
So you don't know of a way to get the value of the posted body in zope?

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