[Zope] Sending XML straight down to a zope

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Oct 12 15:16:30 EDT 2006

Chris Withers wrote at 2006-10-12 08:35 +0100:
>Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>> xml_content = open('validxmlfile.xml').read()
>> http = httplib.HTTP("localhost", 8080)
>> http.putrequest("POST", "/uploadExpenseXML")
>That's not really a valid transaction...

Why not?

The real problem is that Zope wrongfully assumes that each
"POST" with content type "text/xml" is an XML-RPC request.

That's wrong at least since XML is more widely used on the browser
side (e.g. XForms).


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