[Zope] Zeo Client Unresponsive

Paul Williams pwilliams at diamonddata.com
Tue Oct 17 21:55:54 EDT 2006


We have been having problem with our production servers.  We currently have:

zope 2.8.5 + zeo
Red Hat RHEL 4
Plone 2.1.2

Our zeo clients hang intermittently.  We have no way of reproducing the 
problem, but it occurs daily.  The client hangs and a restart seems to fix the 

In the event log with tracing on we get

Trace zeo.zrpc.Connection(C) wait(16697) {server:8100} pending, async=0

There are hundreds to thousands of these until the server is restarted.

In the zeo log we get

Error caught in asyncor asyncore.py

error:(110,'Connection timed out')

We have been trying to track this down and have had no luck.  Does anyone have 
any suggestions?


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