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Garito garito at sistes.net
Wed Oct 18 14:18:11 EDT 2006

Andreas Jung escribió:
> --On 18. Oktober 2006 19:41:07 +0200 Garito <garito at sistes.net> wrote:
>>> You got already multiple advices. Write a method "anotherproperty()" 
>>> and
>>> do whatever you like with in this method. You can call it from
>>> TALES as here/anotherproperty. TALES bascially deals with attributes
>>> and methods in the same way.
>>> -aj
>> Sure! But I need to write a method for every "like" property but I would
>> like (if is possible) a way to evaluate if a property is a TALES 
>> property
>> automatically
> Do you *really*, *really*, *really* need this feature? You can of course
> implement your own __getattr__() method....but every Python programmer 
> would likely slap you left and right...these are the last comments on 
> this issue..
> it's still to weird in my opinion.
> -aj 
Yes I think about __getattr__() method but I don't have any idea about 
how to retrive the original property

And another question about this is if implementing __getattr__ method 
the property manager works ok or not (for me works ok if property 
manager displays the tal expression instead of the process of the expression

will __getattr_ be the method I'm looking for?

Thanks Aj and sorry for my weird questions

Mis Cosas

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