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Garito garito at sistes.net
Wed Oct 18 14:27:08 EDT 2006

Dieter Maurer escribió:
> Garito wrote at 2006-10-18 16:15 +0200:
>> ...
>> How can I control the way an attribute of a product is readed? 
>> __getattr__? __getattribute__?
> A "product" is an extension mechanism for Zope. Usually, a
> "product" does not have attributes (you are interested in).
> But inside your product you may have defined classes
> instances of which you place into the Zope hierarchy
> (<http://www.dieter.handshake.de/pyprojects/zope/book/chap3.html>
> speaks about site building objects).
> The standard Python way to access their attributes ("__getattr__"
> and "__getattribute__") will work but has caveats: It is *very* easy
> to create infinite loops with it and their "self" with not be
> acquisition wrapped.
> The Zope specific safer way is to implement "__bobo_traverse__".
> Both the publisher as well as "[un]restrictedTraverse" (which
> is internally used by TALES path expressions) use "__bobo_traverse__"
> when defined. However, Python's "getattr" will not use it.
Hi, Dieter!

How can I create an accessor to read (not to write) and preprocess all 


Mis Cosas

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