[Zope] Zope and Log File Analysis

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--On 19. Oktober 2006 12:34:28 +0200 Sascha Ottolski 
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> Am Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2006 22:03 schrieb Doyon, Jean-Francois:
>> The big problem I have is determining "file types" without having
>> "file extensions", since many objects are name with a simple id that
>> doesn't contain a typical file extension.
>> This makes it supremely difficult to determine viewing statistics
>> based on content type for example ... Or determining what should be
>> concidered a "page view", and so on.
> one not so elegant solution to log real page views only: create your own
> logger, and call it somewhere in you master template (probably close to
> the end of it so logging doesn't happen if there was an exception
> before that point).

The elegant solution is to run Apache in front of Zope as reverse proxy and 
using Apaches CustomLog/Logformat option. The %...o option allows you to 
log any HTTP header.

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