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Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Thu Oct 19 08:59:56 EDT 2006

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> Chris Withers escribió:
>> Garito wrote:
>>> object.Property2 and retrieve the data with the current locale
>>> For spanish locale I would like to retrieve 18-10-2006
>> Rather than torturing yourself with all this weirdness, maybe you should 
>> look at using Zope 3's locale support in your app, whether it's zope 2 or 
>> zope 3...
>> cheers,
>> Chris
> Sure, but I don't need only localization, I need to preprocess the 
> properties before read them
> Is this possible?

I am not sure what you mean when you say you want to preprocess the 
properties before reading them.  There are 2 possible cases (that I can 
think of) in which preprocessing could occur:

1) in response to a user request, you access the stored data, process the 
data, then display the data.  However, you are still 'reading' the data 
before you can process it.

2) you need to process stored data as a result of some external or timed 
event (ie. not in response to a user request).  In this case you use 
cron/wget/stepper/etc. to activate a routine which accesses the stored data, 
processes the data, saves the data (either overwriting the old data or 
creating a new data element).  However, you are still 'reading' the data 
before you can process it.

Before you can process data you need to 'read' (access) the data.  If you 
mean something different when you say 'read' let us know, it may eliminate 
some confusion!


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